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Wow, this has been an amazing journey so far. I have neglected to keep up with blogging on this website simply due to how busy I have been keeping up with Kickstarter. Nonetheless, this (GekkoStand.com) will be the main outlet and channel of communication once the campaign is up just 9 days from now.

Very quickly, I just wanted to share our latest viral pitch video! I hope it makes you laugh enough to share it with your friends. Have a great day everyone!!!

Thank you SO much to everyone who has supported us so far! Check out the video to learn about the pledge levels, clarification on existing pledge levels, AND to see the NanoSuction pads stick to some different surfaces in order to demonstrate its strength.

Thanks again and PLEASE keep sharing!!!


Status: Accepted!

Today we are happy to report that Kickstarter has accepted our campaign. So, we are ready to launch on Monday February 11th at Midnight! This is pretty exciting since most of the time Kickstarter makes creators adjust their campaign and it can take quite some time to get it right. In fact, 25% of the […]...

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Go hands free with your device in bed! Check out the video…

A lot of people ask, “How strong are the suction pads?” – Well, here you go! This video show the best way to get the most strength out of the pads. These suckers aren’t going anywhere!


The Gekko Stand has a few different options for using mobile devices in your vehicle. Check out the video to see a few of them…

The NanoSuction pads are very easy to clean! They also come with dust covers so that you don’t have to clean them very often.

The Gekko Stand is a great tool to use for increasing your productivity. It has an extremely small footprint on your desktop and keeps the device safely raised up in the air. Watch the video!

Gekko Stand Vlog #1

After having back surgery, the Gekko Stand served as a great tool for catching up on work and keeping myself entertained while I could only lie down on my stomach. Check out the video!

We are happy to announce that our Kickstarter video is done! Also, our Kickstarter profile is just about 100% and the full press kit with high resolution photos will be posted here tonight. So here it is, please feel free to give us feedback; if you can think of anything that might make our campaign better, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!