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The Gekko Stand was designed to be the most versatile mobile device stand on the market. It is the first NanoSuction based stand that is fully articulating, sizable, and adjustable. Here are some frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer to one of your questions, please visit us on twitter or facebook!


Do the NanoSuction pads wear out over time? We have had the NanoSuction technology in our hands for 2 years and the material is still holding up well. The Gekko Stand will come with dust covers for transport and for when you’re not using your Gekko Stand in order to prolong the NanoSuctino pad life. If your pads get destroyed somehow, it will be inexpensive to replace them and they will be available for purchase on this web address once we have reached commercial production.

Can the Gekko Stand hold my phone/tablet? The Gekko Stand has been thoroughly tested with a large variety of tablets and phones. The NanoSuction pads hold firmly onto any FLAT surface. So, if you have an intricate 3D printed case on your phone or tab, it probably won’t stick to it. But, it does stick to most cases and we’re confident that you’ll find the benefits of using the Gekko Stand outweigh the cost of having to remove your “blinged out” case!

How do you clean the NanoSuction pads? There are 2 really good ways to clean the pad, depending on how soon you want to use the Gekko Stand following the cleaning. If you have time to let it dry after cleaning, the best way to clean it is to simply run the NanoSuction pads under the sink and rub the pad for about 10 seconds. You must let it dry before using it again, but it will suck as good as the day you got it! The second and fastest way to clean it is to use tape; you simply clean it the same way  you would get dog or cat hair off of your clothes. Easy as pie.

How do you adjust the size of the arm? The ball and socket joints may seem difficult to separate at first, but with some instructions, it’s very simple. The best way to get them apart is to literally fold the arm as if you’re trying to fold it in half, at the point of which you’d like the ball and socket joints to be separated. Attaching additional ball and socket joints and/or NanoSuction pads, the suction cup, or the clamp attachments is as easy as placing the small end of the joint at a slight angle to the large end (held in the other hand) and push them together until is pops. The first couple of times you try this it is moderately difficult, but after a few tries it is very easy. Don’t force it, feel it!

Will other colors be available? We will be offering black, white, blue, green, and pink on our Kickstarter campaign. The NanoSuction pads will only come in black and white at first, and you’ll be able to choose which color combination you would like with you Gekko Stand. More colors will come out once we have reached commercialization.

When will the Kickstarter rewards be fulfilled? Since we already have solid prototypes and a strong relationship with our production facility, we expect our rewards to be shipped in a timely manner. Right now, early birds are scheduled to get their Gekko Stands by June 2013 and every order beyond that can expect theirs by July 2013. We promise to keep everyone informed during the entire process so you know exactly when you’ll get yours, as well as if we hit any road bumps or unforeseen circumstances that may slightly delay the shipping process. But, no matter what we’ll keep you in the loop AND our goal is to get the Gekko Stands shipped BEFORE the estimated delivery dates!

More F.A.Q. to come as we develop and receive more questions!

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